EXPERIENCE: Beginner-Friendly


AGE: 391


ORIENTATION: Not Compatible


COMMUNICATION: Tarot, Pendulum, Dreams, Telepathy, Emotions, Images

Guranndes, Male Blackwood Stag

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  • The Blackwood Stags are a very interesting race. They have worked in tandem with fae races of old as mounts and familiars. They were a warlike race, used in large battles, and are inherently protective. They bind to one partner, and it is a bond that lasts through the lives and the ages of their partners.


    Their natural form is a black stag with black horns.  If they have been partnered, they have a white mark on their foreheads.  If they have been partnered with you, you will develop (if you do not already have) a bonding mark that will lead them to you in each life you possess past this one.  They are fierce, protective, loyal, and very affectionate.  They will never show this affection in front of a plausible foe, never wanting to show weakness to those that would use it.


    When they fight, their skeleton glows so brightly that it is visible against their stark black fur, and their horns tip with silver that becomes impossibly sharp.  When they take on this form, they are almost impossible to reason with and are very protective.  They usually only reach this state when their keeper has been harmed by something.  For the most part, though, they are very easy-going and work well with other spirits.  They are protective of those close to their keeper (or rider, as they prefer), especially children.  They are primarily sentinels until they are provoked to combat, and help to keep more rambunctious spirits contained and under control when their rider is unable to.