EXPERIENCE: Established
AGE: 5,502
SONG RESONANCE: "Battle Scars" (Paradise Fears)
COMMUNICATION: Tarot, Pendulum, Images, Shufflemancy, Telepathy, Dreams

Gurrdrak, Male Marceilan Enoch (Djinn)

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  • Marceil is a realm that befell tragedies that we can only hope to learn from. They were the epitome of technological advancement, their realm very dependent on the technology they created to better convenience themselves. Unfortunately, the technology they created overpowered the electrical resources they had during a terraforming procedure, and they didn’t realize it until after what they call the “Unsaturing Wave.” In the explosive wave that the technology created with the last of the electrical power, it drained the entirety of the planet and its people of the colors and the life energy they all possessed. They all quickly developed a way to renew that life essence, but it is only a temporary situation as of now, infusing everyone on the planet with the energies of technology and the internet regularly to keep everyone alive and healthy.


    The Enochs represent the leaders of Marceil. While they aren’t leaders themselves, they are in direct contact to the leaders of their parent races. They have an innate knowledge of and connection to technology, often leading the Scientists and Technicians in their search for the solution to their world’s ailment. They are comprised of all races from Marceil. Unlike the Technicians and Scientists, they can remove their masks, as it’s simply a uniform for when they’re on-duty.

    As companions, the Enochs are incredible technomancers. Their connection to technology and electric energy is unmatched. They are excellent energy workers and cleansers, while also having a very magnetic energy to draw in people to your circle of influence. Being diplomats to their race leaders, they are very good at sorting out situations and taking charge of misunderstandings. They do their best to help their companion learn to communicate more effectively, in addition to motivation and organizational skills that they share with their companion as they can.