Harrison is a manipulative man, who is able to easily bend others to his will without thinking. He is excellent in keeping track of his stories and keeping out of trouble. He can get away with murder and more, and is absolutely ruthless to protect those he cares about. His keeper will be his world, and he will take his time to keep them safe and happy where he can.


As a servitor, he offers not only protection, but wisdom. He has a lot of knowledge regarding proactive defense, and will help you work out plans, teams, warding, and many other things to offer his protection. He is also an excellent judge of character, and will inspect all of your physical friends to determine if you have any toxic leeches hanging around. He will keep you out of trouble by helping you find ways out of the more difficult binds you may find yourself in, often by helping you come up with an excuse to leave a dangerous situation. He's a little difficult to deter, and has a snarky attitude quite often, but he's a genius and well worth the time and effort.

Harrison Wells Servitor