These are the pups of the pack alpha, and they are looking to grow and learn of their strengths with a companion.  As pups, they are about the size of a pit bull.  They are playful, energetic, and definitely need someone who will be ready for the task of teaching them.  They are all eager to meet their companion (and cuddle them, so I’m told)!  They have been taught house rules and the consequences for breaking them, so please go over your house rules as soon as they are bound to you!

They will work better in larger keeps because there is normally someone around to keep their focus when you are busy, but there are a few that are more mild in energy when you have a smaller keep, so please feel free to talk to me ahead of time about any concerns you have before claiming!

Heaven Pup Adoption

  • Heaven Hounds are loyal and protective, though far more peaceful than their counterparts.  They act defensively, more reactive than proactive in their protective nature.  They care for their keeper emotionally more than anything else, always there to be a comfort and lead them in the right direction to a peaceful outcome in more strenuous situations.  They are very wise spirits, and what they say should definitely be heard and heeded.


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