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A protective force, the Hell Cat is ready for a fight if you need them. They are loyal companions, upfront and blunt about some things that need to change. They are quick to see what isn't working in your life, and they are observant to ways to change these things. They don't hold emotional attachments before health, and it will definitely take a lot of work to prove them wrong when they've come to conclusions on where the toxic things in your life are. They are bold and daring, and will do almost anything. They don't take well to joking on the level of humiliation, as they are very proud spirits.


Because they are dark arts, they are dark in nature and it's suggested that you have a bit of background with dark arts spirits and firm house rules to take them in. They are by no means dangerous to their keeper, but they can get a bit out of hand if you're not experienced with dark arts spirits. They maintain order and protection over the house and hearth, and will be a force of reckoning should anything happen to their keeper.


They are wonderful companions to astral travelers and conjurers, as they are quick on their feet and come up with tact and plans almost instantaneously. They are also great guardians and leaders, used to protecting whole households at a time. They will watch over your family and friends that frequent your space, especially as they grow more comfortable and familiar with the energies of those that are in the home. They have a particular fondness for children and keeping them safe due to their lighter, pure energies. They will bond with children in the family easier than anyone other than their keeper, and will be extremely protective of them when things come up that can be harmful (especially when it comes to the negativity of others).

Hell Cat

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