These are the pups of the pack alpha, and they are looking to grow and learn of their strengths with a companion.  As pups, they are about the size of a pit bull.  They are playful, energetic, and definitely need someone who will be ready for the task of teaching them.  They are all eager to meet their companion (and cuddle them, so I’m told)!  They have been taught house rules and the consequences for breaking them, so please go over your house rules as soon as they are bound to you!

They will work better in larger keeps because there is normally someone around to keep their focus when you are busy, but there are a few that are more mild in energy when you have a smaller keep, so please feel free to talk to me ahead of time about any concerns you have before claiming!

Hell Pup Adoption

  • Hell Hounds are a canine part of the Hellborne family of spirits.  Please be warned that while their energy isn't quite as heavy as a demon's, it's still very dark and hard to handle for those new to Hellborne energy.  They are strictly black arts and require a firm, confident keeper who shows no fear.  They have long been considered omens of death.  When they sense death nearing, they approach the area to feed on the negativity.  They don't usually linger in the area for too long.  They are high-energy, and enjoy fast music with a strong beat.  They have a strong prey drive and love to chase things - if you drive a car, you may find them running with you, or running after a faster car on the road until they tire of chasing and return to you.  One of the best parts of Hell Hounds, though, is that they are very good at rooting out negativity and bringing it to your attention.  There are times where you may not sense your own negativity or anxiety, but they can pick up on it before it gets too bad and becomes overwhelming and they help you deal with it then and there before it becomes a problem.  They are loyal and fiercely protective, often holding keepers in the same regard that they would a mate. (And if they aren't mated, they may be rather flirtacious as well.)  They wouldn't allow any harm to come to you if it could be prevented, no matter what they have to do to prevent a threat.


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