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Hippocampi go by many names (they like "Merhorse" the best), dating back to the Greek and Roman era. Their front halves are that of a horse, but their hindquarters turn into a fishtail instead of legs. They are able to travel through the depths of the sea and ocean at a fast pace and are fans of swimming races amongst themselves.


Their coloring tends to resemble the sea, from dark blues to bright blues and the tan of the sand.  Occasionally, I have seen some with a greenish tint.  They are high energy spirits and love to be around water.  They like full sinks and bathtubs, though showers are fun for them too.  They have a habit of knocking their keeper into pools or the water at the beach, and often don't realize their own strength.


They roam the seas, close to the shores to see and play with the humans there when they can.  They ride the waves, knocking humans into the water playfully and chasing after other fish and sea creatures. 


Their energy is so fun and enthusiastic that it's hard not to be influenced by them.  On a really bad day, they can always help you find something to smile and laugh about.  Personally, I think that's the biggest bonus to having them around.


Write-Up Details
  • Amanda (MetaSpirit) : My merhorse buds are wonderful companions. They've given me more joy to be around/in water (especially bathing- reverting back to playing around like a kid XD) as well as adding a more positive light to my life. I just can't help smiling when I see/picture them or calming down at their presence. I'm very glad that they've joined my life.