Shufflemancy is a type of divination that has been taking a rise in the technological age that we're in.  Utilizing technology's ability to shuffle music playlists and grab songs at random, you are able to interpret the songs you receive after a predetermined number of skips.


This is a channeled interpretation with Ezrai, the Honey Bee Fae.  Music, for him, is intuitive.  He sees deeper meanings in words and melodies than the surface value, and offers them to judge your energies and overall being.  He offers insight on some of the things he picks up on through the combination of music and energy, looking far deeper than the surface in the hopes that it either brings something to your attention or helps you better yourself.


For this reading, I need the name you associate with most, your birth date, and six numbers under 25.  Reading will be delivered as a PDF to your choice of email or discord.

Honey Shuffle