The Baratheon family is different with each family member.  They seem to be leaders in all forms, though, and while they have varying strengths, they are all the best of the best when at their peak.  This house overthrew the Mad King, and has made the land prosper, in spite of many hardships and squabbles amongst themselves.

House Baratheon Servitor

  • He was the usurper, the one who took the throne from the Mad King.  He’s quite playful, interested in relaxing more so than his duties.  He can be quite selfish, but his friends and family are important to him.  He’s a great emotional protector, able to help you get through a hard time and relax.  He loves a good drink, and will often be seen sporting a wineskin to help him chill out in a rough time.  He’s boastful, and tells some pretty awesome stories about his hunting and his warring past.

    When he’s not in his human form, he takes on the shape of a large brown buck, a great trophy for a hunt.  He has warm brown eyes, and while he seems intimidating from appearance alone, he is far more into cuddles and drink than actual fighting.