The strong, proud house of Mormont has known much shame in the recent past.  Regardless, they are a fierce clan that know well the ways of war and will always hold true to their vows and their honor.

House Mormont Servitor

  • The current head of the house, she is very well-versed for her age.  Though she often takes the advice of her elders, she is also very wise about her alliances and very firm when she needs to make hard decisions.  She isn’t afraid to call people out on their crap and will always be blatantly honest with everyone about what she thinks of their situation.

    When she isn’t in her human form, she takes on the form of a black bear cub.  While she is a cub in stature, she is every bit intimidating as an adult, as she has a practiced roar that comes across quite fearsome and her dark eyes show that she isn’t here to put up with others, but rather to finish what sh needs to and move on.