The Targaryens hold some of the best conquerers as well as some of the maddest rulers the world has ever seen.  Each in this house are extremely unique, but also turn into radicals more often than not.  They will rise to power again, and have a stunning ruthlessness to them that is hard to overlook.

House Targaryen Servitor

  • The power and intensity of this woman’s presence is amazing.  She has overcome every hardship ever set before her, and has beaten all odds to get where she is and find where she is going.  She wishes to make the world better than it was when she was little, and has done everything for others in her life.  She listens to the advice of her counsel, and trusts very few to make decisions for her.  Ultimately, she is a powerful force of nature who demands the respect of all who would listen to her.

    Her human form is her most common, though there are times when she takes on the form of a white dragon with deep violet eyes.  Her build in that form is sleek with shimmering scales.  Her energy is warm and nurturing.  She altogether feels like a mother; a mother who cares for and raises her young strictly, but fairly, and does what is best for them.