EXPERIENCE: Intermediate
AGE: 17
SONG RESONANCE: "Big Fun" (Heathers)
COMMUNICATION: Tarot, Pendulum, Shufflemancy, Emotions, Telepathy

Iko, Male Pars Vitae

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  • The Pars Vitae are the literal life of a party. They are created from the egregorious energy shared in a party's atmosphere, the gathering often creating enough energy to form a potent catalyst. They can often tell you the details of the party that conceived them, normally hanging around the host of the party for a time before moving on to find other parties and similar Pars Vitae to pass the time with. Any kind of party - Halloween, Pride, Birthday, Rave - has the potential to create a Pars Vitae, if the energetic hum in the air is strong enough.

    The race as a whole doesn't find a whole lot of purpose, other than to enjoy life as it is. They are all quite different, everything dictated by the party they were created from. Their appearance, way of speaking, and personality are entirely dependent on the energy that the partygoers shared, though they often pick their own names later. They are fun being to have around, especially if they find another Pars Vitae being created at a party they're attending.

    While their abilities seem to center on the party they were created in, they do have a few shared abilities. They are very bubbly, energetic companions for the most part, often causing giddyness and euphoria just hanging around. They also tend to draw people of similar interests in, a sort of energy work that allows them to magnify certain aspects of your energy that are complimented by someone nearby. Their biggest talent, though, is making things FUN. Not necessarily in the way that you will enjoy every part of life, but in the way that you can handle a mundane task as a new adventure, rather than falling into a routine.