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Ink Dragon Shifters are intense in energy with a low, easy-to-feel vibration that seems to envelop you entirely. Their energy has a way of clinging, but not necessarily in a bad way. They are often viewed as protectors, able to manipulate energies that they are familiar with to ward off the unwanted or attract the needed. They are very loyal companions, often interested in deep platonic relationships if not intimate ones.


They are beings that are comprised entirely of ink in their natural form. While they are clearly draconic, black ink drips from them continuously, evaporating as soon as it touches the ground in wisps of black smoke that return to the body, only to drip again. Their eyes glow gold, separating them from the color of the ink. While they are ever-shifting, when they choose a human form, they tend to only make small, subtle changes each time they shift, and usually stay in the same form unless they need to use another.


Adding an Ink Dragon Shifter to your keep tends to attract fortune and creativity. They are adept at work with intention, especially channeling energy into sigils. They have a certain spark to creative activities, especially writing and artwork. They often describe themselves as ‘muses’ to the blocked creative flow, and can inspire in rough conditions to channel and vent emotions constructively rather than exploding or bottling them.

Ink Dragon Shifter

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