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Inugami are Japanese dog spirits that usually go between a dog and a human form. They are created from a gruesome ceremony and are very dangerous for the evoker. Often, they become lost after they have gotten revenge on their evoker and later come to find themselves guarding over families or searching for a new master. They are fiercely loyal and protective, falling under the dark arts category for their inherent temper. They obey orders to the slightest detail and will do anything for their keeper once they’ve become comfortable with them.


They are very skilled with magic and great to work with if you use magicks on a regular basis. They are wonderful teachers in astral subjects, knowing both the dark and light side of the astral. They also have a deep understanding to the emotions and mentality of humans, and can be a great companion to help you get started with shadow work safely. To most of them, though, they claim protection is their favorite task as they are able to defend their new keeper and keep them safe.


They often come from bad situations, but hold a lot of wisdom for it. They are excellent examples of 'beauty from pain,' as they have learned all that they know from the trauma they endured at the hands of their evoker. They are exceedingly grateful for happy homes that will treat them less like tools, and insist on making a good impression on their keeper. You will never find a more loyal, devoted companion to you and your family than an Inugami.


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