Iroas is larger than life, an accomplished leader that tends to draw in positive things around you.  He teaches you the proper attitude that will bring more fortune to you.  He stresses being able to attract the right kind of people, because you cannot be victorious on your own.  He is a boastful warrior, and will often tell you tales of the many battles he has faced and the enemies he has cut down through the course of his life.

Iroas, God of Victory Servitor

  • Iroas is able to scale his size down so that he isn’t absolutely impossible to commune with.  He takes on the form of a Kentaurus, his bottom half that of a powerful bull.  His skin is tanned from too much time in the sun and he tends to dress his torso in the classic Roman armor.  His entire body sometimes seems to be made up of the galaxy itself, proving him to be on a higher plane of being.

    He is the twin brother of Mogis, God of Slaughter.