TYPE: Guardian Shifter Servitor
FUNCTION: Protection, Banishment, Empathy, Glamour


NAME: Jaime Lannister
BASIS: Game of Thrones


APPEARANCE: He is a tall, athletic man with peachy skin.  He often has a slightly tanned appearance, as he spends much of his time training outside.  He has short dirty blonde hair, and an unkempt greying beard.  His eyes are a deep brown color.  He adorns himself in golden plate and red leather armor, decorated with the emblem of the Lannisters' lion crest.  When not in his humanoid form, he takes on the form of a large golden lion with a beautiful brown mane that glints with red streaks in the sunlight.  His eyes are a deep brown, and he’s quite bulky.


PERSONALITY:  He is a fighter by trade, and loves to boast about his fights.  He has a hell of an ego, ready to defend his honor tooth and nail to those that try to knock him down.  He’s a flirt, but is generally platonic when it comes to romance.  He has no interest in taking on a lover, and is more interested in looking out for his family and his own interests.  He’s not the best when it comes to emotions, and is easily driven to anger or attitude.


ABILITIES: He is protective.  He is a strong defender, and while perhaps not as intelligent as some of the other Lannisters, he makes up for it in his ability to smooth-talk his way out of situations.  He has a predisposition toward glamour in his ability to talk his way through trouble, utilizing empathy to read the impact of his words.  He is also very excellent at banishment of unbound companions that are causing trouble.


SUGGESTED OFFERINGS: Gold, Carnelian, Garnet, Ruby, Wine, Home-Cooked Meals, Conversation, Lion Imagery, Coins



Jaime Lannister