EXPERIENCE: Intermediate


AGE: 492



SONG RESONANCE: "Aasman Se" (TheSnakeCharmer)

COMMUNICATION: Emotions, Images, Tarot, Shufflemancy, Pendulum, Telepathy


Jakka can easily be described as confident. He doesn't go out of his way to push boundaries with people, though he doesn't let anyone's opinions of him slow him down. He may seem like an average guy, but he is determined to prove that anyone can get where they want to be with hard work. He is a very motivated companion, and even if his keeper isn't terribly motivated at any point in time, he will still push them to meet some amount of work so they don't get buried under it later.


He is a tall companion with slight build. He has a rich sepia complexion, his curly hair kept short. He has deep black eyes. He enjoys wearing dark colors most of the time. In his natural form, he's around our Earthen hippopotamus size, which makes him far smaller than the other shifters.

Jakka, Male Hippopotamus Shifter

  • There are as many shifters as there are animals. They are incredible companions to have in your keep, able to experience life as not only an animal, but with the insight of a human as well. They are easy to communicate with, and often provide extremely helpful wisdom, strength, or abilities that correlate with their animal form.


    Hippopotamus Shifters are empowering companions, confident in themselves and flaunting their flaws. Imperfection, to them, is characterization. Rather than mourn a flaw or try to change it, they embrace themselves for who they are and spend their time using it to become comfortable with themselves and even others. While they may not get along with everyone they meet, they are genuine and true to themselves and the people they encounter.


    By taking a Hippopotamus Shifter into your home, you are welcoming a quirky, supportive companion into your family. They empower their keeper, pushing them to explore themselves rather than change themselves, and to use their 'truth' to find people who are like-minded and rid themselves of people who would hold them back. Self-confidence is something that they seem to boost, and they take their time correcting society-trained reactions to help you become the genuine you that you were meant to be.