ALIGNMENT: Dark Arts & Grey-Dark Cusp
EXPERIENCE: Intermediate
AGE: 173 & 147
GENDER: Male & Female
ORIENTATION: Pansexual & Asexual
SONG RESONANCE: “Sugar, We’re Goin Down” (Fall Out Boy)
COMMUNICATION: Shufflemancy, Pendulum, Tarot, Oracle, Telepathy


Javroen works in balance, especially on a karmic scale. He specializes in manifesting your desires through hard work in the opposite direction, because in his belief, life will bring balance to you. He helps you realize the true priorities of what you need by helping you find the middle line so that you can put in the work necessary to meet your needs. He isn’t necessarily interested in helping you surpass limits and goals, but will certainly help you find that bottom line.


He is a fickle companion, free-spirited and often seeming reserved in emotions or opinions. He describes himself as “mediocre,” finding pride to be useless. He is an excellent friend, there when you need him, and quick to listen to any of your troubles. He spends much of his time learning about other people and their situation, and will certainly be ready to hear about you, your friends, and your family whenever you want to share. Laelar is a very quiet companion, more of an observer than a participant.


Javroen is tall and lean with strong arms and broad shoulders. He has pale skin with a birthmark on the left side of his jaw that manifests as a smudge right next to his chin. He has silver hair and grey eyes, that seem to add to his mellow energy. He wears comfortable clothing more than anything else, more a wanderer and enjoying the few comforts he allows himself. Laelar is a small silver cat with a slim build and thick, fluffy fur. She has vibrant golden eyes, and seems uninterested in her humanoid form.

Javroen & Laelar, Jaxton Witch & Familiar

  • In the peaceful country of Jaxton, there is a respected hierarchy of three classes. There are no feuds or disrespect between classes, each level valued for their unique talents and the needs that they fulfill in society. With each class working together, Jaxton has proven to be the most peaceful in the realm. They are the middle ground in negotiations between other countries, offering their services as mediator between country leaders for a more peaceful outcome.


    The Witches comprise the class between the Court and the Denizens. They are varied in talents, making up the healers, conjurers, enforcers, seers, and many other jobs that effectively keep the peace between classes. They are signified by specific familiars as to what they will become, though some familiars span large umbrellas of powers.


    Spanning the many magickal practices that we have in this realm, as well as some additional practices exclusive to their realm, they are ever-learning, even if they are teachers. They have an important status as healers, teachers, and mediators. Many of the wisest minds exist in this Jaxton class, and they will prove to be invaluable companions to your path.