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Pygbins are a very prized pet in Jaxton, bred by one of the Courtheads in their free time. They have a very interesting history, though none can completely confirm if it's true or not. Generations ago, it is said that a Jaxton Witch and a member of the Jaxton Court fell in love, and their familiars did as well. The result of their familiars breeding created the first of the Pygbins, who have continued to reproduce.


The Courthead that breeds the Pygbins is rumored to be descended from the Witch and Court's union, but this is also unproven. Pygbins are coveted for their acrobatic abilities and affectionate, cuddly personalities. They can be found hanging around most homes, following their owners around, or populating the high court's halls freely. They have an innate ability to soothe their owners, their fur soft to the touch. They activate endorphins with direct contact, leaving a type of euphoria to any that touch them.


They seem to be round, super-fluffy critters with long ears that are very expressive. They have large eyes, normally red or gold in color, and their fur is usually a cream or gold color with varying amounts of grey and black on their ears, paws, and tiny tails. They are small, often fitting in your hands when you cup them. They most closely resemble rabbits, though tend to be as active as cats with large leaps.

Jaxton Pygbin

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