EXPERIENCE: Beginner-Friendly
AGE: 185
GENDER: Female
SONG RESONANCE: "Love Song" (Sara Bareilles)
COMMUNICATION: Tarot, Pendulum, Shufflemancy, Emotions, Telepathy


MANIFESTATIONS: Feathers, Leaves, Floral Scents, Light Orbs, Rustling Sounds, Low Flames


PREFERRED MAGICK: Nature Magick, Green Magick, Connection With Nature, Communication With Local Spirits, Warding, Spellwork, Catalyzing Energies, Empathy, Cleansing, Grounding


STRENGTHS: She is extremely connected to nature.  She aids in adding natural energies to your workings, especially when it comes to spell or ritual practices.  She is an excellent help to anyone practicing herbalism, holding an intuitive knowledge of how herbs work and interact.  She also tends to enhance a green thumb, making plants live even more vibrantly than they already were.  She is attuned to the energies and emotions around her, helping her keeper ground themselves when things are difficult or turbulent.  She also is an excellent companion to help you enhance your wardings and protection.

PERSONALITY: As kind and benevolent as she is, Jaya is no pushover.  She loves to help people and make them happy.  However, she will not break herself for the betterment of another person.  She is a sweet, friendly companion who thoroughly enjoys getting to know people.  She isn't afraid to say 'no' to people, especially if offers of help were previously squandered and Jaya's assistance was ignored and brushed aside.  She doesn't get easily angered or upset, instead preferring to focus on positive outcomes.


APPEARANCE: She is a tall, lithe companion with a tanned honey complexion.  She  has platinum blonde hair that is left long, falling in waves down her back and shoulders freely.  Two small tan horns poke out of her hair.  She has bright blue eyes.  Her goat legs are white, the fur shaggy and coarse.


SUGGESTED OFFERINGS: Leaves, Flowers, Gardening, Nature Hikes, Working With Animals, Labradorite, Moss Agate, Sun Bathing, Instrumental Music



Jaya, Female Satyr

  • Satyrs are very social and sexual beings. They are considered the “frat boys” of mythology. They were created by Dionysus, the god of wine and fertility, and they hold a few of his traits. They are the ultimate partier, for starters. They drink, flirt, and enjoy time with others. They revel in hanging out with other nature spirits and will always be up for a drink or a party. They’re generally high-spirited, and though there are many types of these spirits, they all come back to the basic principle of “All work and no play makes keeper a dull human.”

    They are fond of running and exercise, and are very encouraging when there’s a physical goal in mind. They are honest, whether or not you want to hear it sometimes, and will always help you find a better state of mind and health. They are affectionate, and often desire a relationship with their keeper deeper than friendship. All of the ones that have expressed this desire to me have also claimed that they are perfectly alright with waiting for their keeper to be comfortable with them and the idea of a relationship.

    These companions are exceptionally laid back, and not much can actually agitate them or make them snap. They are great when you need to just vent or get rid of some frustration.