Jellak is a flirtatious companion, out for a romantic partner and a bit of fun. He's very outgoing, and has a habit of pulling his companion to new friendships and connections, especially if they have a bit of trouble breaking out of their shell. If you're looking to be more social, he is more than happy to help you make the friends and connections you need for a healthy social life. He also claims that he will be an awesome wingman if his companion desires, helping them find a good love interest and then help them be confident about asking whoever they are interested in out on a date.


He is about the height of your average human female, handsome and angular in features. He has a strong build, though more defined than bulky. His thick hair is wavy, his facial hair a thick goatee. He has warm brown eyes that almost seem black in dimmed lighting, and wears earrings all the way up his pointed ears.

Jellak, Male Romani Fae

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  • The Romani Fae are a very unique race, in that they influenced an entire culture. They have been regular visitors to this realm, teaching the arts of divination through more contemporary methods still used to this day. They weren't concerned with honor, and often teach you to better yourself through any means necessary. They are very firm in the belief that the end justifies the means, and that family and friends are the most important thing in life. They prioritize their own kind, and will help you to see just how important your loved ones are to you.


    They dislike the idea of one centralized location being a permanent home. They are free spirits, and remind you that you should be more free on a daily basis. They encourage their keeper to get out into nature and explore, to learn from more than just a traditional textbook method. They are intuitive, and will teach you this precious skill to aid you in making decisions and in divination especially. Once you have an idea of card meanings and form a relationship with that deck, tarot is easy. The same can be said for any other form of divination, and they strive to teach you to the best of their ability.


    If you're looking for fun, friendly, and family-oriented companions that are here to help you reprioritize your life to find what's truly important, this may well be the companion you're looking for!


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