Watson is a little more down-to-earth than Sherlock is.  He’s very compassionate, and focuses more on the physical than the mental aspect of the world.  He doesn’t go around expecting to know everything about everyone, and his military background makes trust a hard thing.  However, he’s not afraid to stand up for a friend.  He is extremely loyal to those he befriends, and refuses to believe anything bad about those he’s closest to.  He’s also very aggressive about the reputation of his friends, and will fight anyone saying anything bad about them.

John Watson Servitor

  • He brings a very earthly awareness into the fold.  Most of the servitors I offer do the exact opposite, but life is about a balance of the spiritual in your physical world.  That means that you also need to balance the physical world with the spiritual path you walk.  He is a loyal companion, at your side when you need a friend and helping you to accept the physical world and life you lead when you have to focus on it.  Life is a constant battle, but he will help you calm and see this battle clearly from both sides so that you can make the best decisions and further your physical standing in life.