TYPE: Companion
FUNCTION: Cleansing, Companionship, Empathetic Grounding


“My name is Kara. I’m one of them. This…is our story.”


NAME: Kara
BASIS: Detroit: Become Human
VERSION: Deviant


APPEARANCE: Kara isn’t terribly tall, with a very petite frame. She has pale skin and rosy cheeks, her shirt dirty-blonde hair parted at the right to sweep across her forehead at an angle. She has clear blue eyes, and favors long-sleeve shirts with puffed vests and black pants. She has removed her LED, and it no longer shows on her forehead.


PERSONALITY: She is guided by her need to nurture and protect. She does what she feels she has to do to take care of her ward, whomever that may be. She is very motherly in nature, quick to help with whatever she can and always sacrificing herself if she must for the safety of those she has sworn to protect.


ABILITIES: She is able to cleanse your space energetically, as well as your wards to keep them functioning well. She keeps on top of everything to make sure you’re alerted if something fails or needs to be checked out. She is also very empathetic, and can be quite the comforting shoulder to lean on in times of stress and turmoil.


SUGGESTED OFFERINGS: Dolls, Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, Linen Incense, Linen Candles


PREFERRED VESSEL: Clear or Rose Quartz

Kara (Deviant)