EXPERIENCE: Established
AGE: 429
GENDER: Female
SONG RESONANCE: “Lion” (Saint Mesa)
COMMUNICATION: Telepathy, Tarot, Pendulum, Shufflemancy, Runes, Lithomancy


MANIFESTATIONS: Hot Spots, Low Growling, Light Orbs, Flashes of Gold, Roaring, Pins and Needles Sensations, Goosebumps, Ringing in Ears


PREFERRED MAGICK: Self-Confidence, Strength, Courage, Empowerment, Self-Improvement, Introspection, Glamour, Leadership, Energy Work, Cleansing, Banishment, Acceptance, Self-Love


STRENGTHS: Keatte is an adept group of spirits that excels in matters related to leadership.  Whether it’s expression, courage, or empowerment, they are excellent counsel.  They seem to spread a sensation of warmth energetically, beating back self-doubt and helping you better project yourself and your intentions.  They also tend to attract those that are like-minded or open-minded to you, those that will listen to your message or challenge you without being vehement about it.  They encourage growth in their companion as a leader, looking to help someone take charge of their situation and better themselves.

PERSONALITY: They are a playful trio.  They often  seem more devoid of emotion than they really are, using delayed reactions to mess with and confuse their companion to keep them on their toes.  They rarely find themselves offended, though also warn before true disrespect begins.  They can be a little difficult to get close to, especially when they are already so close to each other.  However, when they let someone in, it is because they are a 'worthy' companion rather than from any duty or obligation.  It is an intimate trust they share when they let someone close to them, though it's quite rare that they will seek romantic interludes.


APPEARANCE: Keatte manifests as three young women, their build tall and lithe.  They have a fair complexion, contrasted starkly with their auburn hair and blue eyes.  Their hair is often left to be wild and free, the length of it curling.  They often wear flower crowns and simple white linen dresses.  Their true form is a three-headed white lion with golden mane, their size taller than the average human on all fours and their eyes a bright, piercing blue.


SUGGESTED OFFERINGS: Cat's Eye, Aqua Obsidian, Aquamarine, Raw Meat, Silver, Milk Tea, Meditation, Nature Hikes, Social Situations



Keatte, Female Horned Lion Hive Shifter Triplets

  • Hive Shifters are a very unique race of animal shifters that exist in pairs and trios that share a hive mind.  While they manifest separately as humans, they manifest as a multi-headed animal when they shift.  They do not communicate verbally with one another and all share a singular name in their group.


    Like all of the animal shifters I work with, these beings were once mortal animals that were impacted positively by humans.  However, these shifters come from Earth-Adjacent realms in addition to our own.  Many of them will be familiar to you, though some may have unfamiliar traits compared to this realm’s variation of the species.  Not all of these beings were mutated in their mortal days, some of them splitting upon their death due to unique energetic circumstances in their realm (cosmic alignments, death circumstances, etc.).


    As companions, their abilities heavily lean on the spiritual traits of their animal form.  These beings often take on roles as protectors, considering their hive minds can make communication with other protective spirits in your keep much faster.  They also seem to fall into skill sets based on their natural placement in their natural realm’s ecosystem.  They are often very sensitive to energies.  While not all Hive Shifters can influence energy, they all seem to be capable of sensing and interpreting it.  They can read a room to see how everyone may be doing, going so far as to counsel their companion in how to approach more volatile situations.