The androgynous god of chaos goes by many epithets.  Whether the Dark Prince or She Who Thirsts, Slaanesh is undoubtedly the sinful god of excess.  They use their knowledge of the deepest desires of their acolytes to gain power from pleasure.  Manipulation is their greatest ability, their knowledge of the darkness residing within everyone unmatched.


The Keeper of Secrets is the greater demon under Slaanesh that inflicts pain for the sake of pleasure.  They are the very definition of excess, drawing men and women alike to them for secret trysts of indulgence.


In this eight-card reading, we will examine what you don't want to accept about yourself.  An extreme shadow-working spread, this reading is geared to call you out in a more harsh tone.  We are often tempted by our shadows, by darker desires that are considered socially unacceptable.  This reading can help you not only recognize those base desires, but also work with them in a more healthy way to come to a better balance with your shadow and your true self.

Keeper of Secrets Spread


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