EXPERIENCE: Intermediate
AGE: 639
SONG RESONANCE: "Sakura Sakura (Instrumental)" (Rin')
COMMUNICATION: Dreams, Telepathy, Images, Pendulum, Shufflemancy, Tarot


MANIFESTATIONS: Swirling Incense Smoke, Smoky Smells, Rattling Sounds, Hot Spots, Shifting Shadows, Low Candle Flames, Warm Touches


PREFERRED MAGICK: Past Life Work, Ancestral Magick, Bloodline Magick, Taglocks, Revenge, Protection, Banishment, Shadow Work


STRENGTHS: Kibamaru is very focused on the Shadow Self, especially on addressing the darker nature that exists within you.  He is well-versed in the art of protection, especially from spiritual and energetic influences.  He works through bloodlines, connecting you with the spiritual influences of your ancestry if you so desire, and to a lesser degree, can help you connect with your past lives to learn from them.  He sometimes enacts revenge when he feels it's warranted, though these situations are very rare for him since he doesn't like interfering with humans' work.

PERSONALITY: He tends to be a quite, withdrawn companion.  He doesn't like conversing for the sake of it, and it's rare that he'll participate in casual interactions.  He spends most of his time tasking, as it's in his nature to work without break.  He is very knowledgeable when it comes to spirit work and connecting with ancestors, often holding a lot of information about working with human spirits or how to engage in psychopomp work.  He seems more irritable than he is, the way he carries himself often intimidating to deter troublemaking.


APPEARANCE: Like most of his kin, he has a near-white skin tone.  He is tall with a very lanky build, quite humanoid in shape compared to traditional Oni.  His distinguishing features are his sharp black horns and yellow eyes.  He has bright green hair that often falls into his face, slightly unkempt in quality.  His eyelids are lined with a warm pink eyeliner, a red collar around his neck with a smoky chain attached to it.  He wears loose, baggy black shirts and brown pants.  His pointed ears have black piercings, namely a hoop in the lobe and a cuff on the shell of each ear.  When he pushes his bangs up, you can see a closed third eye, lined with the same warm pink color.


SUGGESTED OFFERINGS: Bones, Rice, Clear Quartz, Jade, Saltwater, Meat, Strong Incense, Instrumental Music



Kibamaru, Male Ancestral Oni