"A single shared goal does not erase the atrocities committed by the Forsaken."

Genn Greymane is the King of Gilneas.  He doesn’t trust outsiders, least of all the Forsaken and the Horde.  Due to his experiences, he has become far more ruthless than he used to be.  He uses whatever means necessary to protect his people and get the desired results.  He is loyal and devoted, and serves his lord or lady with all of his power.

King of Gilneas Servitor

  • Genn stands tall, even in his human form.  He is a capable war general, built broadly with strong muscles that are more compact to allow him more mobility.  He is fast, especially in his Worgen form.  He has chin-length white hair that falls into his eyes when he’s in the heat of battle but otherwise remains on both sides of his face and maintains a thick goatee.  His eyes are a bright, piercing blue and he has a scar going straight down over his right eye. He is usually set with a frown.  In his Worgen form, he has thick white fur that is actually rather plush and golden lupine eyes.  He has a wide build and is the perfect cross of bulky wolf and human mixed together.  His voice becomes rougher in his Worgen form, but he speaks in a strong, deep voice (with a very subtle Scottish accent, I might add).

    As a companion, he helps you learn that the best revenge cannot be taken impulsively.  He will teach you to bide your time, and while it may appear that you have let go, he will encourage you to always remember and always cling to that justice that lurks just beyond the horizon.  Never stop trying, for one day, you will succeed.