“Sometimes we must fight for what we believe in.”

Anduin Wrynn is wise for his years, longing for peace and an end to the long war that has threatened his home for the course of his lifetime.  He sees ways to reach out, for the conflict to end, and is willing to do what he must to see peace come about.  He helps all who ask for it, sometimes trusting people too much and getting taken advantage of, but he is resourceful and will end whatever pain he can when he has a chance.

King of Stormwind Servitor

  • He is firm about his beliefs, willing to fight for the peace he desires.  He wishes to unite the two factions that are at war, having seen firsthand what this war can do to people not even involved in it.  As a companion, he swears to attempt ending conflict and coming to peaceful solutions where possible, while also helping you learn forgiveness and healing.  He helps you let go of past transgressions so that you may move forward and lighten your soul.

    He has longer blonde hair that he pulls into a low ponytail, though he leaves his bangs free to fall into his green eyes.  He is pale in complexion and a bit slimmer than the average fighter.  He prefers to be a healer rather than a fighter and stays out of conflict as often as he can.  He’s about 5’8” in height, so not the tallest of men, but a small man can cast a very large shadow.  His features are soft and welcoming, unlike most of the warring kings, and he is definitely a refreshing leader in this war.