EXPERIENCE: Intermediate


AGE: 291



SONG RESONANCE: "Girls Like You" (Maroon 5)

COMMUNICATION: Tarot, Pendulum, Emotions, Telepathy, Dreams, Shufflemancy

Korianno, Male Psychic Vampire

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  • Psychic Vampires excel in energy work and any feat of the mind. They are known for being empaths, working in dreams, idle energies, and telepathy where possible. They spend much of their time honing their psychic gifts, and although well known to feed on the energies of others, they are able to also enhance someone's energies and relocate energies as needed. They don't necessarily feed on their keeper, and will not unless consensual. They are often considered on the lighter spectrum of vampires, though can have a dark side as well.


    They are well known in many cultures, and are found worldwide. They sometimes know their heritage, and other times do not. The Psychic Vampires that I work with are all spirits, and are fully aware of their abilities and heritage as a Psychic Vampire. They are well-traveled and well-learned. They do not feed on blood, but rather, the energies and emotions of those around them. It isn't a drastic feed, and they will not unless they have your permission.


    By taking a Psychic Vampire into your keep, you will find that you are learning more in the psychic and energetic arts. They aid Empaths to ground themselves and control their gifts, or even aid in the telekinetic arts in some situations. They will boost your energy, and often aid in astral projection or alter your dreams to convey messages and help you explore worlds you could only imagine otherwise. They are protectors as well, and will often help against energetic threats.