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The Shijin are the Four Symbols, tying strongly into the five elements. They each take up a quadrant of the sky, multiple constellations creating their large forms. They are important figures in lore, and represent many symbols of belief. The Koshijin, descended from the Shijin, represent specific aspects of their lineage, though as the bloodline fades and mixes with other beings, their tie to the many domains of their ancestor dwindles. Many of them are shifters, making them easier to communicate with.


Shijin Lineage
Write-Up Details
  • Byakko is the White Tiger. His domain is the Western Sky, and he holds sway over the element of Metal, the season of Autumn, the planet Venus, the wind, and the color white. He represents the virtue of righteousness. He influences those ruled by Earth, strong and resilient with a steadfast and stubborn nature. He is certainly not a pushover, and many of his traits pass on to his descendants.


    The lineage of Byakko is comprised of white tiger shifters with an even, grounded temperament. They are not easily fooled or insulted, and tend to be very stubborn about what they intend to do. They work to enhance their companion's confidence and help them with carry-through on commitments. They are very encouraging, no matter how laid back they are, and will certainly help you stick to your guns about your limitations and your promises.