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The Kusaatta are spirits that work exclusively with my family bloodline through a blood pact formed with my great-grandmother.  They are unique protectors that bond with their keepers, imprinting with them in soul.  Many have known keepers in past lives that they have been looking to find once more, while others look forward to finding a new keeper to work with and imprint to.  


They are fierce protectors with a fiery energy that deters magic and people that are aggressive and tend to face head-on.  They are leaders, and will work to create a protective force so no one will want to mess with you.  They are also able to see wards very clearly and will easily tell you where you need to improve it or where it’s weakening from attacks.  These spirits are far more proactive, and will work to prevent damage in the first place.  They require house rules.  If you have house rules, they are not very difficult to handle because they do respect them.

The Kusaatta are all varying shades of red in color.  They work with fire, and I’ve found that their aura appears as fire when they’re angry.  Their front half is of a hound, and from the stomach down, they are rather long snakes.  They only have two legs, but they move extremely fast in pursuit of prey or offenders.  They are fierce and intimidating in appearance, but they will never harm their keeper.


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