Kyouya is ruthless when he has to be, and this gives people the wrong idea about him. Because of his family, he has learned to act very well, and he acts a lot more cruel than he means to be. While he doesn’t seem to consider others, it is because of how he has to compete with even his own family to get a leg-up in the world. He is practical, and will be the first to explain how something won’t work, yet suggest another way to go about it. He is a bit cranky early in the mornings, but gathers his head pretty quickly. All in all, he is a closet romantic and loyal to his friends. He will do anything for the people he cares for, and will find a way out of any trouble posed.

Kyouya Ootori Servitor

  • Perhaps the best function of Kyouya as a servitor is his ability to separate wants and needs. He faces things logically and encourages you to do the same so that you can be better prepared for the road ahead. He is frugal, and will help you save money by isolating what is necessary versus what you can do without or already have. He’s also organized and can help you not only get everything less cluttered, but sort through what’s keeping your energy stifled. He’s able to find things that could do with a cleanse or being eliminated from your life entirely and helps you clear your space energetically and physically.