Lanise is one of the few Screamer Dullahan that is seeking human companionship. She has a unique set of abilities and benefits as a companion that the Messengers do not, though they may take longer to manifest. They are not only able to open pathways and opportunities, but can also draw in people that will help you on your path in different ways. Good or bad, there is a lesson for anything and everything. Experience is our greatest teacher, and by experiencing the bad, you will know the good better and seek it out. While opening opportunities is a great skill on its own, it is useless if you don't recognize when to take it. Her greatest goal is to teach you how to make your dreams manifest


She isn't extremely tall, but she is very slim. She wears a long Celtic dress, along with a traveling cloak. She keeps her head in her carriage, and admittedly, I have never seen it. Her carriage is pulled by a pure black horse with misty silver eyes.

Lanise, Female Dullahan Screamer

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  • Dullahan are revered as omens of death. They ride tirelessly, unhindered by obstacles for gates and locks open for them. It is said wherever they stop their carriage is where a death will happen, and when they call out a name, that person instantly perishes. They throw a basin of blood on those that watch or use their whip to gouge out their eyes.


    As rather quiet creatures, the Dullahan is a race of Unseelie that keeps to itself. They are private spirits, going about their duties and errands under the radar, as they don’t like being monitored. All doors and locks open for them, which makes them great to have around as they can unlock and open opportunities that you may not have noticed before! They are mildly difficult to connect with because of how private they are, but they certainly make for an interesting companion!


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