EXPERIENCE: Established


AGE: 24

GENDER: Female

ORIENTATION: Not Compatible

SONG RESONANCE: “In Between the Lines” (Tyrone Wells)

COMMUNICATION: Emotions, Images, Dreams, Shufflemancy, Pendulum


MANIFESTATIONS: Hot Spots, Goosebumps, Flickering Shadows, Feline Sounds, Scratching Sounds, Warm Breezes, Light Orbs


PREFERRED MAGICK: Transition, Change, Grounding, Starting Over, Cleansing, Grief, Past Life Work


STRENGTHS: She is a wonderful aide in Past Life Work, especially as a form of Shadow Work.  She helps find the root of things, as you can only get rid of weeds by pulling the roots. She does primarily energy work, specifically cleansing activities that involve clinging energies from past work.  She is helpful with transitional times, not only removing past energies and ties to make room for new ones, but also very grounding to help you keep your head when it comes to the changes happening around you.


PERSONALITY: She is a more no-nonsense companion.  While she understands that everyone copes in their own way, she doesn’t like people who make light of trauma as a coping mechanism.  She is a very giving companion, one who likes to work with her keeper to help them learn healthier methods of grieving. She has a habit of worrying after friends, especially her keeper and the other Ludean.  She’ll often offer advice or care reminders, such as exercise, water consumption, or meals.


APPEARANCE: She is a beautiful, lean cat with white legs, belly, and face.  Her back and ears are a mix of rich brown and black. Her eyes are amber in color.  She doesn’t wear clothing, as it’s against the principles of her race.


SUGGESTED OFFERINGS: Pastries, Fish, Milk, Bones, Hematite, Bloodstone, Citrine, Chicken


PREFERRED VESSEL: Citrine, Hematite

Lannora, Female Ludean Ketari

  • Keta is a realm where what we know as Cats reign supreme. They are incredibly intelligent beings, their technology superior to ours, though they seem to be in an aesthetic rut of Steampunk in their world. They take several different castes in society, their heirarchy quite successful in that there is very little crime amongst their lower classes and between the different levels of society. Ketari are four-legged cats, though their dew claws take the place of thumbs when they stand on their back paws to do anything, their paws fully functional as our human hands when they extend their claws to do any work or activities that require a grip. They are far faster on four paws, their bipedal abilities often abandoned in favor of getting where they need to get quickly.


    Even in Keta, all things return to what they once were. The Ludean Ketari are the masters of Funereal Rites. They acknowledge the regression to one's purest form, and for this reason choose to not wear clothing or use the modern technologies of the world they live in. They are a primarily closed class, and while you don't need to be born into their class, you need to adapt to their lifestyle early to be truly accepted. They very rarely allow the Parliacio to aid them, and most commonly utilize them to send messages between groups of Ludean.


    As companions, the Ludean Ketari stress acceptance over the things you cannot change, letting go of the things that are holding you back, and adapting to the world around you. They encourage releasing modern values in favor of happiness, as well as stepping back to spend time with friends and family. Community is very important to them, and you'll often find them to be in groups even while working to make a job easier. Helping and teamwork comes naturally to them, and they are never afraid to face a hardship to determine if they need to let it go, or fight for it.