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Quite different from the stereotypical men in green coats, Leprechauns are a very crafty Fae known well in different parts of Ireland. They have a lot of rumors, stories, and lore surrounding them. They are traditionally known to make shoes. However, they tend to cause some amount of confusion, as they will only make and leave behind one shoe when they visit.


Although green is the color of hope in Ireland, Leprechauns are more commonly known to wear red jackets. They are shorter beings, usually about three feet in height and often described as red-haired or white-haired. Many use their powers of illusion to take on different forms for different reasons. No matter their form, they are bound to draw attention and cause a stir.


These wickedly talented Fae offer a lot as companions. They are wish-granters, though never seem to grant wishes in the way you would expect. They tend to be partial to illusion work, especially when it comes to glamours. Their most potent ability seems to be their magnetic energy. Be it a person or fortune, they have a way of bringing things into their companion's life. They operate primarily on the Law of Attraction, reacting to strong intent rather than strong words.


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