By combining two unique mediums of divination, you can often come up with more insightful readings when you are combining the underlying meanings of the separate hints it drops.  It broadens the possibility of interpretation, giving smaller nuanced readings to offer more detail and information on topics you may not be familiar with.


Half of the reading is comprised of the gemstones that I have dedicated to Lithomancy.  With a blind pull, I will use their base meanings to enhance the other half of the reading, each stone dedicated to a segment of this advanced Past-Present-Future reading.  Lithomancy has extremely nuanced details and subliminal meanings, thoroughly enhancing the card also pulled in tandem.


The other half of the reading is a standard three-card pull.  While enhanced by the stones, the base meanings and representations of the cards drawn give the bulk of the reading, only further directed by the gemstones pulled with them.

Litho-Tarot Reading


    • Bleu Cat
    • Egyptian
    • Epic
    • Night Sun
    • Raven's Prophecy
    • Robin Wood
    • Steampunk
    • True Black
    • XIII



    • Angelarium
    • Barbieri Zodiac
    • Halloween
    • Tough Shit Tarot



    • The Clow
    • The D (Playing Cards)
    • Narwhals (Playing Cards)
    • Unstable Unicorns
    • Varg Clans (Playing Cards)