EXPERIENCE: Intermediate


AGE: 2,402



SONG RESONANCE: "All Eyes On Me" (Caleb Hyles)

COMMUNICATION: Tarot, Pendulum, Shufflemancy, Dreams, Telepathy, Images

Loelle, Male Techno Djinn

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  • Techno Djinn are companions that are ruled by technology.  They hold a very close affinity with all technology and electronics, often drawing energy from electronics and signals around them.  They are commonly able to handle most digital magicks and influences, excellent companions for those looking to build themselves on the internet.  They also work well with technomancers of any variety, as well as anyone that just looks to further themselves in the digital age that we have reached.


    They come from a realm that is ruled by technology as a whole, everything about that realm digital in one way or another.  Their way of life is entirely affected by the technology surrounding them, nature something that they aren't terribly concerned with these days with the convenience of technology making the natural obsolete.  They pick up on the electronic signals around them, their powers heavily influenced by the types of equipment around them.


    By taking a Techno Djinn into your home, you are bringing an incredible Technomancer into your family.  They can sway RNG systems and gaming algorithms into your favor in small ways, as well as draw attention to your endeavors online for starting entrepreneurs.  They are also very adept at networking, and drawing you to the proper people that you need in your life.  They have a way of bringing important things to your attention and finding small digital rewards to you when you've done hard work with them.