EXPERIENCE: Beginner-Friendly
AGE: 491
GENDER: Androgynous (Male Pronouns)
SONG RESONANCE: "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go" (Wham!)
COMMUNICATION: Tarot, Pendulum, Emotions, Images, Dreams, Shufflemancy, Telepathy, Scrying


MANIFESTATIONS: Warm Touches, Cool Breezes, Light Orbs, Flickering Flames, Swirling Incense Smoke, Ringing in Ears, Light Vibrations on Skin


PREFERRED MAGICK: New Beginnings, Transition, Cleansing, Energy Work, Acceptance, Introspection, Connection To the Higher Self, Psychic Abilities, Sight Through the Veil


STRENGTHS: Being associated with the new moon, Lokeyre is excellent at the starting of cycles.  When you look to include new hobbies or activities in your routine, he is excellent at helping with positive habit-building.  He is very conscious of energies, making him an excellent candidate when it comes to clearing your area or applying different energies to your practice.  He is also wonderful at helping his keeper learn acceptance of what is not within your power.  He is also connected to Halley's Comet, giving him the ability to aid you in your connection with your Higher Self.


PERSONALITY: He is incredibly upbeat as a companion, constantly hype and ready to go do something.  He is an active friend, often looking forward to the next fun plans you have to offer or excitedly chatting about something that happened during his day.  He very rarely seems to be negative, and even after intense introspection, he still finds something to smile about.  He speaks quickly when excited, this quirk sometimes making him stumble over words or omit them entirely to get to the point of his story.

APPEARANCE: He is tall for his race, about two inches over four feet in height.  He is a bit lanky, his limbs long.  His ash-colored skin is flecked with white streaks, a pure black circle at the hollow of his throat to represent his connection to the new moon.  His hair is pure black, shaved on the sides and neatly pulled into a pompadour.  His eyes are pure white and seem to glow at night.


SUGGESTED OFFERINGS: Pop Music, Candy, Moon Water, New Moon Rituals, Hobby Exploration, Video Games, Cake, Cookies, Rainbow Moonstone, Rutilated Quartz, Selenite, Smoky Quartz



Lokeyre, Celestial Elf

  • These lovely companions are as varied as the cosmic events they associate with.  Their personalities, appearance, and abilities all shift to suit what energies they work with most.  Generally, they will choose one regularly occurring event and one less common event to work with, utilizing the energies together for a unique quality to their abilities.  They are very friendly to beginning keepers or experienced keepers, working well for any skill level you feel you're at in your journey.


    Celestial Elves are about four feet tall by our measurement system.  Their skin is usually an ash grey color, specks of white light reminiscent of meteors, comets, and other cosmic events breaking up the flat tones.  Their eyes are often the color of the moon.  They have pitch black hair in multiple styles and lengths, and often appear relatively androgynous.  Many choose to identify neutrally, though some choose binary pronouns for their gender identity.


    While their specific abilities vary on the types of cosmic energies they absorb, they are all very good with energy work and cleansing.  They draw on the waxing and waning energies of the moon to enhance any cleansing practices you use.  They are also very good with basic warding, though all have greatly varied techniques on how they place wards.  They have a close tie to emotions, able to read and judge them quickly, even upon a first meeting with someone.


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