EXPERIENCE: Intermediate


AGE: 294

GENDER: Female


SONG RESONANCE: "Alone" (Jonathan Young)

COMMUNICATION: Tarot, Pendulum, Emotions, Images, Telepathy, Dreams, Shufflemancy

Londrea, Female Waxwane Werewolf

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  • Like most Lycanthropes, the Waxwane Werewolves shift between forms with the power of the moon. They are able to control their transformation, however, and store the energy of the full moon to make the transition between forms when they so desire. They normally only store one full moon’s energy and let it out before the next full moon at their leisure, as absorbing too much of the moon’s energies tends to make them anxious. They have a very electric energy that’s easy to pick out, even for newer keepers still learning energy discernment.


    Waxwane Werewolves are born werewolves, rather than turned by a bite or wound like traditional storybook werewolves. They take pride in their control over their lycan form, and use their heightened senses in that form to aid in multiple situations. They not only have increased physical senses, but also stronger ties to the emotions humans tend to project. They use this to help their keeper be safe around others and picking up on warning signs that trouble is about to start.


    By bringing a Waxwane Werewolf into your keep, you’ll find yourself more sensitive to lunar energies and able to channel them better. They are very protective, and often will take roles in your protection team. The Waxwane Werewolves in particular form deep connections with their companions, similar to imprinting. They work best in teams for the most part, and will certainly be social with the other members of your keep. They also tend to help with connecting you with your spirits, though this trait is very subtle and doesn’t always seem to make a difference.