EXPERIENCE: Intermediate
AGE: 49
ORIENTATION: Not Compatible
SONG RESONANCE: "Soldier, Poet, King" (Jacob Cook)
COMMUNICATION: Tarot, Pendulum, Emotions, Images, Shufflemancy, Dreams


MANIFESTATIONS: Light Orbs, Leaves, Butterflies, Flickering Lights, Earthy Smells, Warm Touches, Warm Drafts, Humming


PREFERRED MAGICK: Empathy, Energy Work, Cleansing, Green Magick, Warding


STRENGTHS: Something about his very energies lends to him being a calming companion.  He often brings heated situations to peace, playing his flute as he awaits the outcome of a confrontation to reduce to a simmer.  He is Empathic, able to understand what his keeper is feeling and how to react in order to calm or center them when necessary.  He has a connection to nature, often using it in his workings with energies and warding to bolster what he is already capable of single-handedly.


PERSONALITY: He is quiet, seemingly mute aside from idle humming.  While he is able to speak, he generally avoids it, leaving his actions and motions up to his keeper to interpret.  He enjoys peacefully overlooking a situation instead of interfering.  He is a calm, level-headed companion who enjoys time well spent.  He is also very supportive, a light shoulder to cry on or someone you can count on to smile at you encouragingly when things get rough.

APPEARANCE: His human torso is very slim, his skin a pale ivory.  He has long silver hair with short bangs.  It flows freely over his shoulders and back, becoming a teal color at the ends.  His teal eyes are vibrant, the same tone as the ends of his hair.  He has pure white antlers and grey deer ears on the sides of his head with black tips.  He sometimes wears a light robe around his human torso.  His deer lower half is an ashen grey color, becoming black towards his hooves, which are pure white.  He has a white dappling pattern along his back.


SUGGESTED OFFERINGS: Green Tea, Herbal Work, Gardening, Green Magick, Flowers, Butterflies, Flute Music, Feathers, Labradorite, Rainbow Moonstone, Acoustic Music, Soothing Music



Loope, Male Cervitaur