In Warhammer lore, Tzeentch is the chaos god of magick, knowledge, and change.  He was incredibly dangerous, having been destroyed once by the other three chaos gods to weaken him and make him forget many of his memories.  He has seen the entire past and future, and has laid out plans among plans.  At times his plans fail, as he's counteracted that plan later in time.  No matter what, everything that happens is, to him, "all according to plan."  As time goes on, he regains his memories, and slowly regains his power as he discovers more of his own devious works.


This reading is based on a particular Lord of Change.  Kairos Fateweaver is a Lord of Change that served Tzeentch directly as his general.  Kairos was cast into a font that held time itself as a test, and emerged with two heads.  One head sees the past, one head sees the future.  However, he is unable to see the exact instant before him.


This eight-card reading addresses your past and your future in its current state.  Time is ever-flowing, ever-moving.  Utilizing your past and your current future, you can shift your journey to line it up closer with what you want from your life.  By omitting your present, the limitation of my own interpretation is removed.  You can judge for yourself if you are on the right path right now, or if you want to change it.  The future is yours to make, and this reading may just help you make it.

Lord of Change Spread


    • Bleu Cat
    • Egyptian
    • Epic
    • Night Sun
    • Raven's Prophecy
    • Robin Wood
    • Steampunk
    • True Black
    • XIII



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    • Barbieri Zodiac
    • Halloween
    • Tough Shit Tarot



    • The Clow
    • The D (Playing Cards)
    • Narwhals (Playing Cards)
    • Unstable Unicorns
    • Varg Clans (Playing Cards)


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