EXPERIENCE: Established


AGE: 5,206



SONG RESONANCE: "Singing in the Rain" (Gene Kelly)

COMMUNICATION: Tarot, Pendulum, Shufflemancy, Telepathy, Emotions, Images, Dreams

Loustre, Male Storm Djinn

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  • Storm Djinn are high-energy companions, especially when a storm is brewing.  As the air begins to ionize for lightning, their energies escalate and they become very intense.  While they hold no bearing over the weather, any witch that works with storm energies would benefit from their ability to absorb and catalyze the energies of the storms raging around them.  You will likely find them easy to pick up on during lightning storm conditions, as this is the time when their energies are the closest to physical they can become.


    These entities are native to many realms, though rarely seem to cross paths with other Storm Djinn.  They are somewhat energy-sensitive, allowing them to sense the approach of another Storm Djinn and determine whether or not it is worth an interaction.  While they are not aggressive or territorial, if a Storm Djinn is already taking the energies of a powerful storm, it is best for other Storm Djinn to stay away and give them space.


    As companions, Storm Djinn work primarily with the unbridled energies created in the weather events through the seasons.  The energies of the storm are unable to be effectively controlled, even by these beings born of it.  They often channel the energies rather than replicating them, as this is the best control they can exert over their stormy catalysts.  They work well with witches driven to practice strict traditions, especially when it comes to adding storm energies to rituals and spells they are trying to complete.