EXPERIENCE: Beginner-Friendly


AGE: 2,502

GENDER: Female


SONG RESONANCE: "Shatter Me" (Lindsey Stirling)

COMMUNICATION: Tarot, Pendulum, Telepathy, Emotions, Shufflemancy, Dreams


She is an excellent companion to a spirit worker of any experience level. She helps boost manifestations, and even if you are an established keeper, she helps you tweak the way you do things to enhance your connection with your spirit family. She absolutely adores animals, happy to play with and spend time around family pets or a fauna-heavy locale. She is very friendly and social. Over time, you may find close friends that you spend time with often gaining some metaphysical skills of their own after some frequent visits with her accompanying you.


She is a lithe companion with peachy skin and long, vibrant hair that seems to mimick the Aurora Borealis. Her eyes are a neon green, glowing like the northern lights she was born in. She likes to wear galaxy-pattern clothing most of the time, and black with glitter accents if not galaxy themes.

Lyanne, Female Aurora Borealis Dragon Shifter

  • Aurora Borealis Dragons are very energetically aligned companions.  They are very powerful when it comes to the veil and peering through it. They work very closely with spirits of many kinds, and can easily attract them to their keeper to help them with an array of troubles. Be it a past friend or a new one, they are sure to find influences that will assist their keeper in finding their way on their path. They are very intuitive, and you'll likely notice these new connections coming at surprisingly good times.


    The Aurora Borealis Dragons have a beautifully gradient pattern in their scales, resembling the lights that they are named for.  They take the form of western dragons with slim builds and feathers along their wings.  Their scales shimmer in the darkness, seeming to put off a glow all their own.


    By taking an Aurora Borealis Dragon into your keep, you will start to notice a distinct boost in spiritual manifestations that you are already familiar with. Their very energy seems to lift the veil to an extent, making it easier to pick up on their manifestations and the many energies of the companions you already have, as well as those drawn by their energy. They also work well with animals, and you'll find it easier to work with your familiars, pets, and any other animals.


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