“Moi je m'appelle Mademoiselle Noir. Et comme vous pouvez le voir, je ne souris, ni ris, ni vis. Et c'est tout ce qu'elle a dit…”

Madamoiselle Noir Servitor

  • Misjudged from her appearance as a dark entity, Mademoiselle Noir faced a tragic fate at the hands of those that judged her so. She desires friendship, waiting for a companion that will try to understand her, in spite of her differences. She is quite nihilistic, and never seems happy or amused, even when she is. She has a familiar energy, like that of an old friend. It doesn’t matter if you have met her or not, it is an inviting, almost haunting presence.


    She is there to help you accept your differences and wear them without fear. Others may not understand you or even try, but she encourages you to find true friends companions that will embrace you for who you are, in spite of the pain that may lay ahead of you in losing friends and lovers along the way.