TYPE: Guardian
FUNCTION: Protection, Leadership, Communication


“I am alive.”


NAME: Markus
BASIS: Detroit: Become Human
VERSION: Deviant


APPEARANCE: Markus is a tall and broadly built man with tanned skin and shaved head that still shows and extremely short dark brown crew cut. He has a blue right eye and green left eye, having found a spare blue eye part when reconstructing himself. He favors neutral colors, wearing a beige canvas jacket with dark brown leather shoulders, collar, lapels, and elbows. He wears a grey shirt that seems to zip from right shoulder to the center with a small part at the bottom. He wears dark grey jeans and a grey undershirt, along with combat boots.


PERSONALITY: Markus has a mild temper, understanding that people will follow what he does. He is balanced in vindication and penitence, making his choice on a case-by-case basis on how to react to the actions of others. He doesn’t see things as black and white, and promotes fair judgment and equality from one person to another.


ABILITIES: He is a leader, and has an amazing talent for oration. He can rally those around you to your cause, encouraging you to promote patience for fairness. He is always anticipating possible problems, and is ready to respond at any and all times.


SUGGESTED OFFERINGS: Carnelian, Tiger’s Eye, Labradorite, Intelligent Debate, Philosophical Topics, Art, Painting


PREFERRED VESSEL: Tiger’s Eye, Carnelian

Markus (Deviant Leader)