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Marsh Elves are a rather interesting group of elves, staying in the reeds and grasses of the marsh and concealing themselves from passers-by. They don't associate much with humanity, especially because of the added downside of littering and pollution that humanity has caused. However, they do respect the restoration attempts that have been made in the recent past, and are opening up to humanity once more.


They are very attuned to nature - especially forests, marshes, and smaller bodies of water - and can use this to their advantage by borrowing energy from the flora and fauna around them, or the energy of the waves and wind to aid in magic and healing. They are healers more than they are anything else, and they work well with speeding up the natural healing process a little bit. They also have a lower vibration of energy that is easier to work with as a newer spirit keeper. 

They tend to have kelp and seaweed clinging to their body at random and carry the smell of stagnant water with them because they're from the marsh. Their skin is a green-blue color and their eyes are usually brown or bright green. They are rather playful spirit when it comes down to it, and you'll often find them playing with other spirits when you don't need their focus. They make for wonderful friends and companions, and will definitely keep your spirits lighter.

Marsh Elf

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