TYPE: Astral Traveler Servitor 
FUNCTION: Protection, Astral Projection, Astral Travel, Spirit Communication, Third Eye Awakening


NAME: Master Xehanort 
BASIS: Kingdom Hearts III 
ELEMENT: Darkness, Water, Air


APPEARANCE: Master Xehanort manifests in his ram-headed armor, his helm looking like a big-horned ram with a white face and red plating down the neck. He wears his black Organization XIII jacket over it as a cape, his gauntlets seeming to be red and white plating and a bit of a fan behind his neck. When he takes off his mask, he is an older tanned man, his head bald and a bit of white hair forming a thin beard on his chin. His eyes are the most remarkable part of him, an intense yellow standing out from the average eye colors of the majority of humans.


PERSONALITY: He is a sarcastic, biting companion with his wit. He is incredibly intelligent, often far ahead of his opponent in any battle. He can be quite arrogant because of his intelligence, and is not one to be underestimated. He can be quite ruthless. While he is ultimately interested in what he sees as 'best' for a situation, it isn't necessarily the best outcome for his companion or the greater good. When he isn't engaged in anything, he tends to come across as bored and cranky, waiting for the next thing to take his attention.


ABILITIES: While his fighting prowess isn't anything to wave a stick at, he also has a lot of metaphysical powers. He is a protector, first and foremost, and will intervene in situations to protect his keeper when needed. However, he is an incredible astral traveler. He doesn't have an issue bypassing the veil and crossing multiple realms, though can be hard to keep up with at times because of this. He is also able to over time coax his companion to project themselves at will rather than by chance and can boose spiritual manifestation and third eye abilities.


SUGGESTED OFFERINGS: Keys, Shadow Work, Puzzles, Chess, Historical Articles, Granite, Obsidian, Red Jasper, Smoky Quartz



Master Xehanort