TYPE: Energy Generator
FUNCTION: Grounding, Crystal


POKEMON: Melmetal
ELEMENT: Earth, Metal


This Energy Generator recharges primarily through cosmic energies, although it is able to work with crystal energies as well for minimal recharging.  It has the ability to replicate crystal energies of any crystals in your collection.  It is also able to cleanse more unruly energies in your space to give you a more refreshing atmosphere.  It is able to charge waters with crystal energies, which will help you in not creating toxic combinations from crystals that become toxic when wet.


It is excellent for anyone who practices meditation regularly.  It is also very good for any collectors of crystals who have too many crystals to keep on-hand.  It is also good for most basic skills that involve grounding and the root chakra.


RECOMMENDED VESSEL: Stainless Steel, Copper, Hematite