TYPE: Spelled Servitor 
FUNCTION: Cleansing, Energy, Banishment, Dreams


NAME: Given by Keeper 
RACE: Meow Wow (Nightmare or Dream) 
BASIS: Kingdom Hearts 
ELEMENT: Dark / Light


APPEARANCE: Meow Wows are rotund cats with tiny black paws, symbols on their chests, and spots all over them. They have a small horn on their foreheads, and their tongues are perpetually hanging from their large cheeks. They have tiny tails and ears as well. The Nightmare Meow Wows have a black, white, and bright pink color scheme with red eyes and grey spots. The Dream Meow Wows have a blue and white color scheme with golden spots and eyes. They are rather large, about the size of a husky and quite forceful when running and bouncing at full speed.


PERSONALITY: These lovely servitors want little more than love and affection. They are incredibly snuggly, sweet companions. They don't have a mean streak in their bodies, staying away from violence and confrontation when they can.


ABILITIES: Meow Wows are incredibly advantageous to keep around. They have a cleansing aura, allowing them to process energies and rework them into something that can help you. They also purify negative intent, helping in the negation of spells targetting you. Over time, they can help in dream recall and the purification of nightmares to limit how many you receive, though this takes time and learning the patterns of your nightmares to get control over.


SPELL: When activated, your Meow Wow is able to undo and completely purify a spell that you have cast. The limitation was placed on it to prevent any form of malicious intent with others' workings to occur. The Meow Wow has the ability to ingest the energies of spells and convert it back into something you can use, though there's never as much there as what you had when you started the progress.


SUGGESTED OFFERINGS: Happy Music, Happy Movies, Video Games (Without Gore), Flowers, Fluffy Things, Tuna, Milk, Bouncy Balls


PREFERRED VESSEL: Agate, Jet, Selenite

Meow Wow