TYPE: Spelled Servitor 
FUNCTION: Cleansing, Energy, Banishment, Dreams


NAME: Given by Keeper 
RACE: Meowjesty 
BASIS: Kingdom Hearts 


APPEARANCE: Meowjestys are rotund cats with tiny yellow paws, symbols on their chests, and spots all over them. They have a small red horn on their foreheads under a golden crown, and their tongues are perpetually hanging from their large cheeks. They have tiny black tails with golden crown markings and grey-tipped ears. They are primarily black with a yellow underbelly and eyes, though they have a red patch around the waist reminiscent of shorts. They are rather large, about the size of a husky and quite forceful when running and bouncing at full speed.


PERSONALITY: These lovely servitors want little more than love and affection. They are incredibly snuggly, sweet companions. They can be protective, sometimes working defensively in your favor when any form of psychic or metaphysical attack occurs.


ABILITIES: Meowjestys are incredibly devoted companions when it comes to your protection and wellbeing. They have a cleansing aura, allowing them to process energies and rework them into something that can help you. They also purify negative intent, helping in the negation of spells targetting you. They can also act as protection from energies and emotions that are affecting you negatively, especially if they tend to be the primary cause of nightmares and bad headspaces.


SPELL: When activated, your Meowjesty acts as a specialized ward against psychic attacks or influences. Should you struggle with Empathetic abilities that you don't know how to control or be a victim to energetic attacks, they can block out the outer influences that are impacting you at that time. Once deactivated, they will often sleep for a few hours to "recharge" before being back to your goofy, friendly Meowjesty companion.


SUGGESTED OFFERINGS: Happy Music, Happy Movies, Video Games (Without Gore), Flowers, Fluffy Things, Tuna, Milk, Bouncy Balls, Dancing, parties


PREFERRED VESSEL: Agate, Jet, Jasper, Quartz